Cucumber, Melon, Lemon and Lime-Infused Water

July 12, 2013 | Filed Under Infused Water 


I recently made my own citrus-infused water, for the very first time.  I made orange and lemon-infused water.  It was very refreshing and perfect to drink during the horrid heatwave we’ve been having.  So, now I’m on an infused-water-making-roll!   WooHoo!  I made it again and this time, I decided to use cucumbers, melons, lemons and lime.   I filled half of the pitcher (and mason jars) with the ingredients and added cold water.  Then, I let it sit and infuse, in the fridge for at least 2- 4 hours.   I’m hooked on infused water.  It’s simply fun to make and a joy to drink.  I did not use any type of sweetner.  It’s not needed.   However, I suppose you can use it, if you want.   I look forward to making more fruit, herb, and vegetable-infused drinks for the rest of the summer.   I think next, I’ll try watermelon and cilantro!   If you have any suggestions, please tell me.

On another note, I’ll be taking a short break from blogging here.  So, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.  Keep having a good summer, everyone.  If your neck of the woods is as hot as it’s been in New York City, make some infused water of your choice.  It will certainly help you keep cool in the heat.




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16 Responses to “Cucumber, Melon, Lemon and Lime-Infused Water”

  1. this sounds really refreshing! hope everything is okay. take care.

  2. Thank you, dear Kat! :-)

  3. yum yum
    Looks refreshing!

  4. Thanks, Sofia! It was refreshing, indeed!
    Paz (drinking watermelon and cilantro-infused water right now) 😀

  5. Ok, I am officially envious… that sounds even yummier.

  6. I had no doubt you’d try to use cilantro 😉 Hope the heat wave rolls away. Have a relaxing break.

  7. Oh Paz, this sure looks very flavorful and so refreshing…perfect for the warm weather…
    Hope you are having a great week :)

  8. BEAUTIFUL… and REFRESHING! It’s heating up here… a glass of this would be good about now. I’ve not visited you here in ages… Enjoy your break, Paz! ((HUGS))

  9. Great idea! Sometimes I like to drink something other than plain old water.

  10. Penelope ESTONIA

    Here is Estonia jugs of water with something added are quite common at catered events. Try slicing the cucumber in long thin slices which maximizes the surface area.

  11. I heard about the heat wave, this is the perfect thing to drink. Cucumber + lime water is good for those that would like to lose a little weight. Enjoy your break.

    Un saludo

  12. LOL! Sofia: The watermelon and cilantro WAS yummy, indeed! 😀

    Hi Simona: Yes, you know me and my love for cilantro. Heh heh! It was good and helped beat the heat.

    Hi Juliana: It was very refreshing, indeed, especially during the heatwave.

    Hi Tracy! So glad you could stop by, here! These flavored drinks are very refreshing. Keep cool during this hot weather. xo

    Hi Nicole: This is definitely different-tasting than plain ole water! 😀

    Hi Penelope and welcome! Thanks so much for your tip! I will try it next time!

    Hi Mari: Cucumber and lime? I will try it!!!! I need to lose weight, too! 😀

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

    Paz xoxo

  13. I agree with Pene – flavoured waters are all the rage during the last few years. I love cucumber + lime/lemon myself, but also add cranberries or lingonberries quite often.

  14. Hi Pille! Nice to see you here. I learned about lingonberries from you! :-)

    Paz ox

  15. Paz so good to see you visiting. I lost your email and was not getting your posts. Will subscribe again. I got a new computer and lost a lot o contacts.

  16. Hi Norma: I’ll give you a call soon. xox

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