New York Monday: At the Crosswalk

June 24, 2013 | Filed Under 125th Street, City Streets and Sidewalks 

Happy New York Monday!

Have a wonderful new week ahead, everyone!


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8 Responses to “New York Monday: At the Crosswalk”

  1. An interesting shot.

    Happy Monday!



  2. Thanks, Rosa! Have a terrific one!

    Paz :-)

  3. Paz! I love this picture. Especially the totally stylin’ lady in brown.

  4. Busy crosswalk :)
    Have a nice week too Paz!

  5. You too have a wonderful week Paz.

  6. Hi Christine! She was stylin’ and very cool, I’m sure, on a sweltering summer day.

    Hi Juliana: Busy crosswalk, indeed!

    Hi Mari: Thank you very much!

    Paz xox

  7. I like it how you caught the lady in brown as if she had stopped in mid-air after seeing the red hand sign.

  8. Thanks, Simona! Yes, she does look like she stopped in mid-air, doesn’t she!? :-)

    Paz xo

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