New York Monday: Spices, spices, spices!

February 4, 2013 | Filed Under New York Monday 

Last week, I went to the Chelsea Food Market with my friend, Elizabeth.

The food market  contains a food court, shopping mall, office building and T.V. production facility.

It is where the Food Network shows are taped.

We passed by a shop called Spices and Tease that sold these spices.

Have a terrific new week, everyone!


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10 Responses to “New York Monday: Spices, spices, spices!”

  1. Oh, I love spices!!!

    Happy Monday.



  2. Hi Rosa: Then you’d love this place! :-)

    Thank you! Have a terrific Monday!


  3. Wonderful array of colorful and textured spices!

  4. so many spices! have a nice week.

  5. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to visit a spice market like this. :)

  6. That is just awesome! I am so jealous right now!! 😉

  7. Hi Leora: Yes, the presentation of spices made a nice collection!

    Hi Kat: There were a lot of spices on display.

    Hi David: You’d have fun.

    Hi Joey: When you come to NYC, we’ll go there. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


  8. That’s a lovely and irresistible presentation. I would have been in trouble, had I been there 😉

  9. I’ve always wanted to see a spice market like that! Thanks for the photo.

  10. Hi Simona: LOL! It would be fun to see what you purchase. 😉

    Hi Nicole: Well, there were a lot of different spices to chose.


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