First Cookies of the New Year 2013!

January 8, 2013 | Filed Under Cookies 

Mischief Mari of Cha no ma-ri has always inspired with me with her cookie-decorating skills. 

I never thought I could be capable of decorating my own cookies until I’d read her recently-released book: 

the coolest cookies on the planet by mari pfeiffer

It’s a really fun, inspiring and easy-to-read book.


So, for the New Year, I set out to bake and decorate some cookies!



I made sugar cookies from a recipe in Mari’s book.



I made Royal Icing.


I had fun choosing my icing colors.


Then I set out decorate.

Of course, I need a lot of practice, but I‘ve just begun.  

Let’s see what type of decorated cookies I’ll make  during this new year.

I hope to get better and better!



the coolest cookies on the planet by mari pfeiffer

You can find Mari’s book HERE.


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8 Responses to “First Cookies of the New Year 2013!”

  1. Was that a midnight decoration session? I am no expert, but it seems to me that you did pretty well with that batch.

  2. Hi Simona: It was definitely a midnight decoration session. I will be writing about that very soon. Thanks for saying I did pretty well. xoxo


  3. so pretty! have a nice week!

  4. Those are such pretty cookies!



  5. Thank you, Kat and Rosa!

    Paz xoxo

  6. Yum! I have always wanted to make decorated cookies too. These look great Paz, I look forward to seeing future attempts.

  7. Great job, Paz! I love the colors you used. Look forward for more cookies in your blog.

  8. Hi Nicole: I know your decorated cookies would look terrific! I hope you get to make some this new year!

    Hi Mari: Thanks so much!!!!

    Paz xoxo

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