What I Did During the Storm (or Ginger Cookies)

November 14, 2012 | Filed Under Cookies 

I wasn’t very prepared for the storm.   I didn’t have enough food or other essentials.  On the second day of the hurricane, I started to become a little concerned.   With the storm raging outside, I felt like eating something warm and comforting.  I had just enough sugar, flour, baking soda and molasses (to my surprise), ginger, cloves and cinnamon spice to make some ginger cookies.   My friend Sara had given me a simple reicpe. So,  around midnight (I’ve found that I like baking late at night.  That’s another story.), I baked my ginger cookies.   I love chewy ginger cookies and mine came out that way.   Perfect!  It was a good thing I was able to go food shopping after the storm, otherwise our meals would have consisted of ginger cookies — for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I’m very grateful the storm is over.


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10 Responses to “What I Did During the Storm (or Ginger Cookies)”

  1. Lovely cookies! Comforting…



  2. I’m glad you didn’t have to eat ginger cookies for every meal, but these do look really nice :)

  3. Hi Rosa: I especially love them when they are warm from the oven.

    Hi Kat: I glad I didn’t have to have it for every meal, too. :-)

    Paz oxox

  4. Hey! The cookies sound delicious! Glad you’re OK and through the storm!

  5. And when are you going to tell the story of the midnight cookie baker?

  6. Yes, I want to know more about this late night baking habit…

  7. Hi David: Thank you!

    Hi Simona: Soon. Very soon! :-)

    Hi Mari: LOL! I’ll make my confession very soon.

    Paz xoxo

  8. I’m glad you are doing well. I love ginger cookies too, the chewy kind, not the crunchy ones. Yum.

  9. Hi Anna Maria: Good to see you! Yes, I love chewy ginger cookies. :-)

  10. And no one asked for the recipe? They look really good, Paz, and of course beautifully photographed.

    Hugs, Sara

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