Black and White Wednesday: Rooster

February 8, 2012 | Filed Under Black and White Wednesday, Harlem/Morningside Heights, Restaurants 


I like that rooster!

Happy Black and White Wednesday!



Black and White Wednesday is a culinary photography event, which Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook created and hosts.   She is on hiatus for a few months, so there is no official line up of other Black and White Wednesday photos until her return.  


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9 Responses to “Black and White Wednesday: Rooster”

  1. Lovely B&W shot! I love the rooster.



  2. Indeed, it is cute!

  3. Paz, great black and white! I love how the menu takes center stage. And how about that rooster! He’s the real star of the shot! :)

  4. Thanks, Rosa!

    Hi Simona!

    Hi Bella: Yes, the menu and rooster definitely stand out.

    Hola Mari: Thanks!


  5. Like the rooster…always nice B&W Wednesday :)

  6. Thanks, Juliana!

    Paz :)

  7. Great shot Paz. The restaurant looks interesting.

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