Black and White Wednesday: Hot Apple Cider

January 17, 2012 | Filed Under Black and White Wednesday, Food Blogging Events, Harlem/Morningside Heights, Hot Apple Cider 

If you get too cold while shopping at the Farmer’s Market, you can warm up with a cup of Hot Apple Cider –Two bucks for a large cup and one buck for a small.

Black and White Wednesday is a culinary photography event, which Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook created and hosts.   Stop by her blog to see who else played.  You can also learn how to play along with us there, if you’re interested.

Happy Black and White Wednesday!


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8 Responses to “Black and White Wednesday: Hot Apple Cider”

  1. Mmmhhh, I want some!



  2. Oh! I love sipping on a hot apple cider…especially during the cold weather.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week Paz :-)

  3. Hi ladies: Yes, this is especially delicious during the cold weather. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hedone

    Is the cider good? I love hot cider, did you buy a cup? I would. Love this photo. Great job.


  5. Such a charming and welcome shot for the chilly weather. A cup of cider would be wonderful with some churros. : )

    Thanks, Paz, for joining BWW!

  6. Hi Simona!

    Hi Hedone: Welcome! Now you make me want to buy a cup. Perhaps, next time when I pass by. I’ll report back to you.

    Hi Susan: Oh! I love the idea of the cider with the churros. I’ve been meaning to make churros this winter. hope to get to it soon. I’ll by the cider and make the churros and report here how they taste. Thanks for hosting this event.


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