Black and White Wednesday: Bread of Gold

January 11, 2012 | Filed Under Black and White Wednesday, Bread, Food Blogging Events, Pandoro 

Pandoro, which literally means "bread of gold" is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, popular around Christmas and New Year.  During the holidays, I saw this in a window display of Milano Market, a food shop that sells Italian food products.  The top shelf highlights the traditional Pandoro con lieve nota di miele (bread with honey) and the bottom shelf carries Pandoro al Cioccolato (chocolate).  Perhaps, next year, I’ll buy them to see how they taste.

Black and White Wednesday is a culinary photography event, which Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook created and hosts.   Stop by her blog to see who else played.  You can also learn how to play along with us there, if you’re interested.

Happy Black and White Wednesday!


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6 Responses to “Black and White Wednesday: Bread of Gold”

  1. Pretty boxes!



  2. Personally, I don’t like straying from the tradition, so I’d get the “plain” one. Pandoro contains quite a bit of butter, so before you cut a slice, place the box in a warm spot for a bit. It’s fabulous.

  3. Hi Rosa: Yes, I love the boxes.

    Hi Simona: Thanks for the tip! I passed by the store today and saw a smaller boxes of the Pandoro box in the window. Very tempting to buy. 😉


  4. Those distinctive, enticing Italian Christmas specialties. Talk about pressing your lens against a “bakery” window. : )

    Thank you, Paz, for your charming, internationally sweet photo for BWW. ((I’m pretty partial to Italian turrone (and Spanish turrón), too.))

  5. Pandoro is my favourite dessert, I wait all year long to finally taste it during Christmas holidays. Le Tre Marie are the most famous and expensive brand of all, the made pandoro following the real traditional recipe, and it’s a real bliss. The top of its range! If you like sweet breads, I suggest you to step in the shop, buy it, and run home to have a bite! Ciao! Francesca

  6. Hi Susan: LOL! Yes, I practically had my nose on the window. 😉

    Hi Francesca: Welcome! Yes, I will definitely buy the bread from the store. I see that they have some slightly different one in the window now.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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