New York Monday: Restaurant Window

December 26, 2011 | Filed Under New York Monday 

Happy New York Monday!






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5 Responses to “New York Monday: Restaurant Window”

  1. merry christmas!

  2. In Italy today is Santo Stefano, in the UK it is Boxing Day. Here in the US, it is New York Monday :)

  3. Hi Paz, how are you, having been having Internet trouble. A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

  4. Merry Christmas, dear Kat!

    LOL! Simona! I like your observation. 😀

    Happy Holiday, Vianney! I’m loving your roasted grapes idea on your blog. Very cool!

    Sra: I’m glad you’re back online. Good to see you!

    Best to all,
    Paz xoxo

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