Black and White Wednesday: Breakfast Blend

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Coffee beans sold at Westside Market.  


I’m not a coffee drinker, so I never noticed the coffee bean section in the supermarket.  Until now.  Who’d like some coffee?


The top photo is my submission to Black and White Wednesday — A Culinary Photography Event.  It is hosted by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook.  Stop by her blog to see a line up of other black and white photos.



The various flavors here include: Italian Espresso, French Blend, Coast Rican, Breakfast Blend, French Roast and 100% Colombian Decaf.


New York Monday: Walfels and Dinges

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This is the chalk board sign from the food truck Walfels and Dinges.  They sell a variety of Belgium waffles.

Seems to be a very popular food truck.

Happy New York Monday.






Black and White Wednesday: Kitchenette Specials

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So, what’s your pick — The Vegetable burrio, Herb and Goat Cheese Omelet, or Fried Chicken Wings? 

When I took the photo, these were the featured specials of Kitchenette, a restaurant popular for its American home-style cooking.  There are two locations for the restaurant.  This is the one in Harlem.

This is my contribution for Black and White Wednesday — A Culinary Photography Event, which is hosted by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook.  Stop by her blog to see a lineup of fantastic black and white food-related photos.



New York Monday: Blessing of the Animals 2011

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In addition to LiveSTRONG day 2011, St. Francis Day (also known as Blessing of the Animals) fell on October 2.


Every year, in early autumn, there’s a special service in honor of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine.  Dog, cats, and other animals go church.  Yes, they do.  They receive a special blessing in the church.  The service is a reminder to us about the responsibility of taking care of animals.


A few years ago, I took my dogs to the service (You can read about it HERE).  I’m happy to report that they were very well-behaved.  Actually, all the animals in attendance acted properly.  Dogs sat next to cats, who sat next to gold fish, who sat next to canaries, and parrots, who sat next to snakes…  Really! 


During the service, there’s a special procession of animals, both domestic and exotic, down the aisle of the cathedral.  It’s a sight to behold!  When I was there with my dogs, an elephant participated in a parade.  He (or she) was my favorite!   Unfortunately, this year, the elephant was missing (so were the camel and horse).   I was told that the elephant that normally came had died.


This year, large animals were not included in the special march.   Instead, there were smaller animals – a llama, turtle, tortoise, chicken, turkey, duck, sheep, snake, baby kangaroo, baby monkey, parrot, miniature horse, etc…   No matter the size it was still fun to watch the animals go down the aisle.


After the service, there was a St. Francis Day fair behind the cathedral with food, music, and activities.  It was a good day for everyone involved.




Baby kangarro looking pretty comfortable.

Ed. Note:  In case anyone was wondering, yes, this is, indeed, actress Edie Falco.


Miniature horse


The tortoise made an appearance (but tried to make a getaway!).


A llama?  Someone correct me, please.


What is this?  Some kind of cow?  Bull?





Some kind of hen?  Chicken?


Blessing two dogs



Blessing some birds.


Musicians at the fair.

There are plenty more photos but you get the idea, don’t you?   😉

LiveSTRONG Day 2011: A Taste of Yellow

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Hmm… How shall I prepare this squash?


In 2007, Barbara, of Winos and Foodies, created the food blogging event   LiveSTRONG with a Taste of Yellow .  It was her way of raising awareness of cancer and the work done by Lance Armstrong and his LiveSTRONG organization.  Barbara asked food bloggers to showcase foods in the color yellow.

This Sunday, October 2nd, is Live STRONG Day 2011.  Although Barbara is not hosting Taste of Yellow, this year,I do want to continue to support her and the other cancer survivors.  I’ve decided to do a recap of the “yellow” dishes I previously highlighted for the event.




Yellow Rice with Corn (Arroz Amarillo con Maiz)





Corn Salad





Yellow Cupcakes





Springtime Cupcakes



There have been some wonderful Taste of Yellow yearly roundups.  If you have missed any of them and are interested in checking them out, you can find them on Barbara’s blog HERE.  Thanks Barbara for your inspiration and work in raising the awareness of cancer and the LiveSTRONG organization.  I can’t wait for you to host Taste of Yellow 2012.  I’d better start thinking about what I’m going to prepare that for that event, right now.

This LiveSTRONG Day 2011, you can show your support for cancer survivors by wearing yellow.  If you have some time, I think it’s never too late to showcase a yellow food on your blog.    😉



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