New York Monday

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This past Saturday, I had lunch in Chinatown with friends.  Eating where the locals normally eat, the food was delicious and inexpensive.  They were celebrating the Chinese New Year — the Year of the Rabbit.   Have a great week, everyone!



New York Monday

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Places to go, people to see and talk to, things to do…

Happy New York Monday (on a Wednesday)!

Paz  ;-P

Buljol and Tastes Like Home by Cynthia Nelson

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Every time I visit Cynthia’s food blog at Tastes Like Home:  My Caribbean Cookbook, I become hungry.  I’m tempted to reach through the screen to grab some of that delicious Caribbean-inspired food she prepares.  One of the foods I immediately hungered for, at first sight, was her salt fish dish call Buljol.   In the month of January, I made Cynthia’s Buljol dish a lot – practically every other day (and will continue to do it).  I love how the flavor of this  salty cod fish (also known as Bacalhau), is balanced out by the way it’s cooked and then simply mixed with ingredients like tomatoes and sweet peppers. 


Cynthia has a cookbook available on  The name of the book is the same as her food blog – Tastes Like Home:  My Caribbean Cookbook (by Cynthia Nelson).  It’s a wonderful book filled with recipes that she personally put together and beautifully photographed.   You can find the recipe for Buljol and other tasty Caribbean foods in her cookbook, which does not disappoint. 




Buljol — Salt Cod Fish



Buljol served with rice