In Memory of Cadeau: Salmon Dog Biscuits

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June 24, 1995 – March 31, 2009


We named her Cadeau, which means "gift" in French.  Cadeau Oferta Prenda Minha de New York.  Yeah, the name is rather long but it suited her.  Sometimes she was called her other names because she was curious, playful, stubborn, annoying, persistent….

Mainly, we thought of Cadeau as a gift because she was unexpected.  My sister didn’t know her mother, Menina, was pregnant when she brought Menina from Africa to New York. 


Menina gave birth to Cadeau in my bedroom and dragged her to me, still on the umbilical cord.  Now, how could I refuse a gift like that?


She looked much different from her mom who is part Besenji and Corgi, while Cadeau was part small Border Collie and Corgi.


A friend called her Sweet Face and I’d get a kick out of that.  She may have had a sweet face but she didn’t always act sweet.  When she opened her mouth to bark, she had the fiercest bark in all of New York City.  It was enough to send people jumping back or hurrying in the other direction on the street.


Cadeau liked food.  A lot. 


She liked to eat everything.  Anything.


She would eat African food, Italian, Chinese.  She wouldn’t dream of turning anything down. 


She liked vegetables, as well.


Of course, she liked a good bone, too.   With meat on it.  


Some food favorites were fresh salmon with rice or corn on the cob.  It was no fun to eat the corn unless it was on the cob.  She also  loved eating mangoes on the seed.


She knew when someone opened the refrigerator door or pulled something out of the microwave or plated food from the stove.  Then she’d show up to get her portion.  If you didn’t want to share, she had ways of convincing you to capitulate.


In the mornings, I’d feed Cadeau dog food, so she made sure to wake me up every morning to feed her.   I never needed an alarm clock with her around.  She didn’t wake me up a minute before or after it was time for me to get up and feed her.  She’d wake me up right on time.

One day, she didn’t wake me up and she wouldn’t eat her dog food.  It was puzzling but we weren’t too worried because she still ate the human food.   Then the following week, she stopped eating the human food, which she loved the most.  It was then that we knew something was terribly wrong.


Then, she stopped drinking water. 


A few days after that, Cadeau died from health-related issues due to old age.  She was 14 years old.  It happened so fast.


I saw Cadeau take her first breath when she entered this world and I saw her take her last breath when she left it.


Rest in peace, dear Cadeau and see you at Rainbow Bridge.


I made these Salmon Dog Biscuits in memory of Cadeau.  She’s never going to be able to eat them but I’m sure she would have loved them if given the opportunity.  Super easy to make, with super simple ingredients of canned salmon, baking powder, flour and salt, the biscuits turned out very delicious.   How did I know?  I tasted them, of course.  So,  I suppose, humans can eat this, too.   😉


I gave the biscuits to Cadeau’s mom, Menina, and she gobbled them up.   She really liked them.  Didn’t I tell you?  Like her daughter, she loves fish, too.



Ed Note:  Thanks for your very kind words, everyone.  It’s much appreciated.


See you at Rainbow Bridge.




Salmon Dog Biscuits

· 15oz can of Salmon or Jack Mackerel
· some flour
· 2 tsp of salt
· 1 teasp of baking powder
· Optional: add sprinkle of garlic powder if desired


Mix together fish, plus ALL liquid from can, salt & baking powder, add enough flour for texture
Spread out on cookie sheet
Score into sections (easier to break apart when done)
Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 mins. or crust is golden


Store in container in frig or freezer for longer periods of time


Cadeau at her favorite spot, by the window, two days before she died.











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