Bacalhau Salad (Salt Cod Salad)

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Very simple Salt Cod Salad


Not long ago, I blogged about  a salt cod (Bacalhau) stew recipe that I got from a co worker.   She also gave me a salt cod salad recipe. 

Basically, she said to:

o  Soak the salt cod and throw out the water.

o  Boil the salt cod for 15 minutes.

o  Cut the fish into pieces.

o  Add Spanish onions, tomatoes, sliced hard boiled eggs.

o  Add extra virgin olive oil

o  Add vinegar

o  Mix the ingredients

o  Eat right away or refridgerate.

What an easy and tasty salad to make.  From the photos you can see that I didn’t even bother to slice the eggs.  Normally, one uses apple cider vinegar but I felt like using balsamic vinegar.  Tasted really good.  I made the salad several times and each time added something different like Bell peppers, lettuce, avocado and capers.




Below’s a more detailed Salt Cod Salad recipe from Stephen Cooks

 Serenata de Bacalao (Salt Cod Seranade Salad)


1lb salt cod

2 yellow onions, sliced in crescents

2 sweet peppers, red or green, sliced in crescents

2 tomatoes, sliced in crescents

2 Cups shredded lettuce (or cabbage)

2 ripe avocado, sliced

2 boiling potatoes, boiled, sliced

olive oil

red wine vienegar

salt and pepper to taste

(optional:  hard cooked eggs, sliced capers)


Desalt the cod by soaking in water to cover, refrigerated, for 3 days, changing the water one to three times a day.  Cut the cod into chunks about 1" square and place in a pan with water to cover.  Bring to boil and cook for 3 minutes.  Drain and rinse.  When cooled, flake the fish.

Arrange the vegetables and fish on a bed of the lettuce and drizzle with oil and venegar to taste.  Season with salt and pepper.



Salt Cod Salad, a little bit fancier











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17 Responses to “Bacalhau Salad (Salt Cod Salad)”

  1. A scrumptious salad! Great flavors!

    Cheers and have a nice week,


  2. looks delicious, have a nice week!

  3. Yum, yum. I know it sounds lazy, but I’ve always shied away from cod dishes because of the water-soaking requirement. Maybe I should just get off me bum and do it. That looks goooooood. 😆

  4. Love the tiny tomatoes, the eggs and the dressing sticking to them.

  5. What a beautiful salad, Paz. And also, a sweet name. Have a great week!

  6. Hmmm, I like this idea. You see the photograph in my blog header, that is our salted cod salad. It is called buljol

  7. I haven’t made salt cod in years. The salad is lovely.

  8. I know what I’ll give you if we meet :) :) a whole bacalao!… sort of bribe you, :mrgreen: to make this salad for us to share

  9. You are getting a cod addict :)
    Love your salad , looks so fresh and delicious

  10. You have inspired me! We were just talking about bachalau the other day–Guillermo loves it, but I’m afraid because I’ve never tasted it before! But your salad might make me fearless…

  11. Never thought of making a fish salad before! I may try this next time the hubby’s out of town (he hates fish, I love it). :)

  12. Hi Paz, all your cod dishes look wonderful.. I love cod, never made it myself, but sometimes when I order it at restaurants it is extremely salty. (then I retain water and look fat :sad: )I guess that is why I’ve been afraid to do it myself. But after looking at your pictures…I’m going to jump in the pool.
    have a great day.

  13. Wow, I love salt cod and I know this salad would be wonderful! Great photo!

  14. i love that those vague directions for the recipe were well-interpreted by you. “Soak the bacalao”… ha ha ha. if you soaked it for anything less than you did (overnight) you definitely would’ve had a different tasting dish.

    oh how i love salt cod. it’s time for me to make it again. your dish looks lovely.

  15. Thanks, Rosa!

    Thanks, Kat!

    Hey Mari: The soaking process isn’t so bad. 😉

    Hi Sra: They were tasty. 😉

    Hi Simona: Thanks!

    Hi Cynthia: I saw your Buljol. It looked soooo good!

    Hi Lydia: Maybe you’ll feel like making it this summer?

    Hi Gattina: I’d gladly make this salad for the both of us. 😉

    LOL! Hi Sylvia: Yes, I’m a cod addict. 😀

    Hi Rebecca: Go for it! I think you’ll like your salad.

    Hi Ari: Your poor hubby. I think you’ll like it, though.

    Hi Pia: I think when you make it, you’ll pleasantly surprise yourself. I did. 😉

    Hi Chuck: Welcome and thanks.

    Hi We Are Never Full: I love your name. 😉 Welcome. well, I learned from experience that I had to soak the fish longer than a day when one of the times I made it, I didn’t soak it long enough. My whole dish was spoiled. Yes, time to make some salt cod again. Then, let me know how it turned out. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone.


  16. We love baccala (the Italian name for the dried salt cod) I have a piece waiting ti be soaked after we finish the lasagne I had to make for Daring Baker. I’m going to look at your stew recipe!

  17. Bacalhau is so popular here around Easter. Is your friend from Portugal? Very good recipes!

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