Virtual Hug for Barbara!

December 6, 2008 | Filed Under Fellow Bloggers, Food Blogging Events, Virtual Hug for Barbara, Winos and Foodies blog 

Victory, Barbara, victory!


Fellow food blogger and plain awesome person Barbara of Winos and Foodies is going through a tough round of chemotherapy.  I just found out that this weekend (December 5-7, 2008),  Ilva and Bron have put together a Virtual Hug  event to show our love and support for her.  Of course, I wanted to participate.

I first met Barbara, years ago, when we participated in a postcard swapping event.  Neither of us were paired together.  She had a different partner and so did I but we drifted towards each other and exchanged cards without being assigned to do so.  We’ve been friends ever since. 

Barbara has the most wonderful posts on her blog and some time ago, she started a foodblogging event called Live Strong with a Taste of Yellow.  It’s an event that supports Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Day, which in turn raises cancer awareness and funds for the fight against cancer.  Check out her 2007 roundup and 2008 roundup part 1 and part 2.  You can see my entries for the events here and here.

Dearest Barbara:  As you go through those grueling rounds of chemo, I’m sending you the best of thoughts;  I’m sending you positive energy; I’m sending you lots of love;  and I’m sending you the biggest virtual hug.  

Victory, Barbara, victory!


P.S.  If anyone is interested, feel free to join in this Virtual Hug to Barbara.  You can post photos, poems, songs, recipes, whatever you feel would cheer Barbara up.  Then let Ilva and Bron know you’re participating.  Also stop by their blogs to check out the links of other participants.









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18 Responses to “Virtual Hug for Barbara!”

  1. Great photo Paz, and I love that you found something so yellow! I hope Barbara is getting strength from all these good wishes.

  2. Dear Paz thank you for your beautiful flowers, kind words and virtual hugs. I shall be sending you a special post card from the Granite Belt when I celebrate completing chemo next year. Hugs from the Gold Coast to New York.

  3. What a beautiful photo for your dear friend. I’m just learning about Barbara and her plight. She has a wonderful global circle of friends and must be a very special person indeed!

  4. Thanks Paz, what a great photo AND hug!

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  6. Gorgeous spears of yellow reaching high and victorious!
    Awesome! Super! Thank you so so very much Paz for joining us with hugs for Barbara, you rock!

  7. A beautiful post! I hope she gets better soon!



  8. my prayers goes to your friend… may Jesus embrace and hug her tight, especially at this time of her life… :) btw, have you seen my upside down peach cake ( not as good looking as yours, but it was definitely yummy… thanks for sharing that… :)

  9. That’s a lovely photo and such vibrant yellow flowers! Wonderful hug Paz :)

  10. What a beautiful post. Obviously Barbara’s a special lady. I can’t imagine what chemo’s like. I just read her blog and she sounds both strong and positive. Go Barbara, go!

  11. I have seen the most wonderful posts as part of this round. so lovely of you all to do that. I am a strong believer in positive energy. I lost a very good friend to cancer. Throughout her battle – which lasted much longer than any doctor predicted, she always kept positive..and it gave her strength. I also say ‘victory to Barbara’.

  12. Lovely. Such a sweet hug to send to Barbara. xxoo

  13. Very sweet post and lovely flowers!

  14. While I have never visited, I heard a lot about Barbarba… please add my hug to yours.

  15. ~ I give this brave lady ~A Big Hug~ too!
    Hugs are very important & healing.
    ~And~ I will be praying for your friend too~

  16. Hi Kalyn: I intentionally looked for yellow. 😉

    Hi Barbara: How exciting! I look forward to the day when you are celebrating the completion of your treatment. I’ll have a card waiting for you, too! XOXO

    Hi Tanna: I’m sending a hug to you, too!

    Hi Christine: Yes, she’s very special like you and everyone here. I’m lucky to know you all.

    Hi Ilva: Thanks!

    Hi Bron: Thanks to you and Ilva for putting this together.

    Hi Rosa: I hope she gets better very soon, too.

    Hi Mikky: Thanks for the prayers, I know they will be answered. And I LOVED your upside down peach cake. I got inspired to make another one. :mrgreen:

    Hi Joey: Thanks!

    Hi Mari: Yes, “Go Barbara, go!”

    Hi Valentina: I’m so sorry to read about your friend but I’m glad to know that she lasted even longer than the doctors thought. She sounded like a victorious woman.

    Hi Jen: Welcome and thank you!

    Hi Chez Us: Welcome and thanks!

    Hi Cynthia: Thanks! I think that Barbara would appreciate that hug.

    Hi Amy: Thanks so much. Your prayers are much appreciated.

    Hugs to you all!


  17. What a lovely photo and post! I’m not surprised you & Barbara gravitated towards one another – both of you are such warm and wonderful people :)

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