Cold Bean and Tomato Soup with Parsley and Cucumber

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 Please help me welcome guest blogger Ilva of Lucullian Delights.  Thanks, Ilva! 



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Paz was one of the first steady commenters on my blog, one day I started to get these nice and cheerful comments from her and since then she never fails to visit me several times a week. We have now known each other for almost three years and I hope we will remain friends for much much longer.


I think I can safely say that our secretive Paz is one of the nicest and most positive food bloggers you can find in our food blog community, not only does she leave sweet comments but now and then she even sends me emails to see how I am doing. Several times she has honoured me by posting about my recipes on her blog but this time I am posting myself here on The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz and what a treat this is! To be able to write a lot of things about her here on her own blog and knowing her, she is probably cringing like a worm on a hook in her chair right now! (Ha Paz, you should never have asked me you know!) When Paz asked me to be one of her guest bloggers, I was more than happy to yes, she is a very special person and she deserves all the help she can get when she asks for it so here I am.


I have decided on a simple recipe now when she needs to rest. Well she has to do (read: cook) something to keep going but she mustn’t overdo it, we don’t want her to slip into a non-cooking state of being again now when she has conquered her former kitchen demons so well do we? So here Paz, a simple tasty soup for you to cook that hopefully won’t tire you, I hope you’ll like it!


2008 © Ilva Beretta – All Rights Reserved




Lucullian Delights


2-3 servings

250 ml/ 1 cup white beans, cooked 

600 ml/ 2,5 cups tomato sauce

100 ml/ 0,43 cup water if needed, it depends on how thick the tomato sauce is

chili pepper

2-3 tblsp parsley, chopped

cucumber, finely chopped


extra-virgin olive oil

– Put beans, tomato sauce, chili pepper, water (if needed) and olive oil in a pan and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

– Add parsley and then run in a mixer until smooth. Add salt.

– Before serving, top with large tablespoon of chopped cucumber.


2008 © Ilva Beretta – All Rights Reserved











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28 Responses to “Cold Bean and Tomato Soup with Parsley and Cucumber”

  1. LOL! Ilva: I AM cringing. Thanks for your very kind words. I know we’ll remain friends for many years to come. 😉 You DO know what I like — simple and tasty. I can’t wait to be able to try this soup soon. Thank you!


  2. Nice words, delicious soup, great photos: what a treat!

  3. I love the sound of this soup! I made several cold soups during the hot summer days, but this is so very different!

  4. Oh wow! This looks and sounds just delicious!


  5. That soup looks very tasty! A gorgeous dish!



  6. Such a beautiful soup…perfect for summer too! Thanks for the great recipe, Ilva! :o)

  7. Great guest! great soup!

  8. Thanks! I am so happy you like it! This has been a fun experience, this guest blogging thing! Maybe we should arrange some kind of circle ….

  9. I agree! Paz is definitely one of the nicest bloggers around. The soup looks delicious!

  10. I have to agree too, s I know her an only few month , but she is one of the nicest bloggger that I know. :roll:
    And those beans looks delicious

  11. Hi Paz…so glad you liked the orb weaver. I just don’t have the heart to knock down their beautiful webs so they are kind of taking over certain areas of the garden. I did not know you had been in the hospital…hope you are feeling better.

  12. Hi Ilva! What a pleasant surprise to see you on Paz’s blog and your recipe looks absolutely delicious. I love these kinds of soups, especially with a side of yummy sandwich.

    I’m worried about Paz — are you ok? The references to your being tired and needing a break made me think you’re sick or something…. :(

  13. Hi Simona: A real treat, indeed.

    Hi Pille: I’m beginning to like cold soups. Yum!

    Hi Dianne: Yes! 😉

    Hi Rosa: I can’t wait to try it.

    Hi Tracy: A beautiful soup, indeed!

    Hi Poonam: I’m so lucky! 😉

    Hi Ilva: Thanks again for helping out!

    Hi Kalyn: Awww! You’re making me blush. Thank you! 😳

    Hi Sylvia: Mille besos!

    Hi Janice: Thanks, I’m feeling much better and continue to heal everyday.

    Hi Ari: Aww, shucks! Thanks for your concern but don’t be worried. I had surgery recently and am recuperating now. It’s a bit challenging to cook at the moment, so everyone’s been kind enough to help me out. Otherwise, the blog would go into hiatus for a while.

    Thanks for stopping by, all. Always happy to see you here.

    Paz xxoo

  14. This soup looks refreshing, healthy and delicious, perfect for summer.

  15. Hi Layla: Yes, “refreshing, health and delicious,” just like your soup. Two soups I can’t wait to try. 😉


  16. Oh this looks very tasty indeed! Yummo! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  17. Hi there, Harriet: Welcome!


  18. ilva, I agree with you 100%. Paz is a very special girl. What a lovely recipe. I like the beans and tomato together. I am a big beans lover so i am taking notes.

  19. Oh, Valentina: You are so sweet! Yeah, I’m with you. I like the sound of the combination of the beans and tomatoes. I’ve taken notes, too. 😀


  20. wow, that looks really refreshing and hearty! 😉 thanks for the recipe!

  21. Hi Caryn: Welcome! I agree! Ilva’s soup does look refreshing and hearty. Let’s us know how you like the recipe when you try it.


  22. I missed this post last week, but am so happy to catch up: my garden is going crazy with tons of ripe tomatoes, so I think I will try using them to make the tomato sauce for the soup!

  23. A stunning soup indeed. And I am also drooling over the gorgeous soup bowl. Great choice, as the blue bowl really accentuates the soup.

  24. Hi Terry: You have lots of tomatoes? Lucky you! Have fun with your soup!

    Hi Lori Lynn: I agree with you. Ilva’s photo and recipes are always stunning. 😉



  25. Just dropping by and catching up. Ilva always makes wonderful recipes. Hope you are doing better!

  26. Hi Courtney: Always glad when you can drop by. Yes, Ilva makes enticing recipes. I continue to do much better. Thanks, Courtney.


  27. Wow – that looks fabulous and Ilva’s photos are always such a treat. If we get ANY hot weather this summer I’m going to give this a try :)

  28. Hi Jeanne: Anything by Ilva is awesome! 😉


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