Pollo Arrosto per Paz (Roast Chicken for Paz)

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 Please help me welcome Simona of Briciole, this week’s guest blogger!  Thanks so much Simona for helping out!



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One of my favorite posts by Chef Paz is (Christine’s) Sunday Night Whole Roasted Chicken, which I refer to as "the disappeared roast chicken" post, because of the great photo of the empty serving dish where the roast chicken of the title once was. Reading that post made me laugh heartily and generated a lasting memory. The photo of the suggestively empty serving dish came back to my mind in the occasion of the production of my first roast chicken ever.

Let me back step a second to give some background information on my meat-eating habits. On December 25, 1997, at the end of a traditional English Christmas dinner, I told my husband that I would stop eating meat, which I proceeded to do for many years. (Clarification: the dinner was nice and was not the cause of my decision, which I had been mulling for a while.) Fast forward to the summer of 2008, when good influences of various nature have inspired me to taste meat again, and you will find me buying a Red Broiler, described as the true "slow food" chicken by the young woman who raises this variety (in small flocks that enjoy "sunshine, fresh air, grubs, green pasture, room to stretch their wings, and protection from predators") at a local farm (Wild Chick Farm). I went to pick up my order at the appointed time and location and brought it home, not a little intimidated and wondering what I would do next. You see, my mother never liked to use the oven, so, growing up, for me pollo arrosto always meant roast chicken from a rotisserie.

On Epicurious, I found Thomas Keller’s recipe for My Favorite Simple Roast Chicken, and decided to go with it. The word "simple" in the title was quite tempting, since I needed something extremely simple for my first venture. But I was also charmed by the way the famous chef describes eating the roast chicken. I followed the recipe as is, and the result was excellent. Of course, I had no benchmarks in my career of amateur cook against which to measure the result, but I also needed encouragement for future endeavors, so I declared it excellent and my husband agreed. We didn’t put anything on the cooked meat: no butter, no mustard, just the salt and pepper I had added before roasting. Delaying a bit my reward for not much toil but a lot of anxiety, I took a photo before carving the chicken.

Thomas Keller suggests serving it with a simple salad on the side. I love roast potatoes and since the oven is already on, there is no excuse for not making some, like fingerling potatoes, tossed with a bit of freshly-ground pepper and a mix of fresh herbs from my garden, finely chopped (rosemary, dill, sage). I added them half-way through the cooking time of the chicken, so they would be ready at the same time, or shortly thereafter, while the meat is resting before it is cut. Unfortunately, I have no photo of the potatoes: I can assure you, they were good.

Dear Paz, this pollo arrosto is dedicated to you, with heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery, a big hug (Italian-style) and many thanks for our blog-friendship.


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27 Responses to “Pollo Arrosto per Paz (Roast Chicken for Paz)”

  1. Oh my goodness! Simona, your photos have me salivating! I love the simplicity of this roasted chicken recipe. Salt and pepper? Love it! I can’t wait to be able to try this recipe. By the way, I’ve made Christine’s chicken several more times and still am NOT patient enough to stop and take a photo before eating it. LOL! I like the idea of serving the roasted chicken with salad. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.


  2. It was a pleasure to write this guest post. I know how it is, asking everybody to wait patiently while you take photos. Sometimes it just isn’t going to happen.

  3. What a great post from Simona, and the photos of the chicken are making my mouth water!

  4. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: this chicken is a thing of beauty! I’m still with awe. . .

  5. A wonderful roast chicken! A wonderful post, Simona!



  6. Beautiful! There is still nothing better than a perfectly roasted chicken.

  7. I love roatsed chicken and this looks absolutely devine!!

  8. I think roasted chicken is still my favorite kind of chicken, because it brings out the flavor of chicken so well. Mmm, mmm, mmm. That looks fingerlickin’ good. 😀

  9. Just lovely. Thomas Keller is a favorite chef of mine, as he says, it is all about finesse. Simona’s chicken echos that simplicity and elegance at once. Bravo!

  10. Hi Kalyn: I soooo agree. That chicken is making my mouth water.

    Hi Eating Club: I’m in awe, too!

    Hi Rosa: Yes, this is a wonderful post!

    Hi Lydia: This chicken IS perfectly roasted, isn’t it? 😉

    Hi Prettybaker!

    Hi Mari: LOL! Yes, fingerlickin’ good.

    Hi Lori Lynn: Welcome! And yes, bravo to Simona!

    Thanks for stopping by, all. I trust everyone is having a good week so far.


  11. Simona, that chicken is truly gorgeous! The color is amazing. I’m so glad it turned out so wonderfully well. And it sounds like you have a great source for fresh chickens near you.

    I would love fingerling potatoes, roasted and with herbs as you mentioned, with this chicken. Yikes, I’m getting so hungry.

    Paz: All the best to you, too!

  12. Hi Lisa: I think Simona is so lucky to be able to buy those fresh chickens. I have to investigate how I can do the same here. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your good wishes.


  13. Great roast! Great post! Great photo!

  14. Hi Poonam: Welcome! I agree with you — “Great roast! Great post! Great photo!” 😛


  15. Kathleen UNITED STATES

    Simona, thank you for telling about that “empty plate chicken.” I had missed that post of Paz’s, went to it, and laughed out loud like you did. 😀

    But, your pictures look great, too. Thanks for the recipe and the stories.

  16. Hey there, Kathleen: Glad you got a good laugh. 😉 Yes, Simona’s photos, recipe and stories are terrific.


  17. oh my….this looks sooooooo good!

  18. Ohhhh, so good, Melinda!

    Paz :mrgreen:

  19. Can I tell you how much I want Beelzebub to make this for me? Alas, I’d wind up with a charred carcass to be sent to cast of Bones to sort out…


  20. Jasmine, LOL!


  21. Now thats a tasty bird!

  22. Hi Courtney: Yes!


  23. I love roasted chicken, this one looks perfectly roasted and so juicy and tender, I always have problems getting it to be just right and most of the time just end up buying the rotisserie ones at the store, but this one is inspiring me to give it another try.

  24. Hi Layla: Go for it! Make your own roasted chicken. I know it will turn out great. 😉


  25. Oh my… that roast chicken looks obscenely good & it would cetainly disappear in no time at all in our household!!

  26. Hi Jeanne: I did get the opportunity to try this chicken. It didn’t last long in my household. 😉


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