New York Monday #109: Neue Galerie

February 13, 2008 | Filed Under New York Monday 

Outside the Neue Galerie

(A stately Louis XIII-style Beaux-Arts styled building)


Okay:  So, it is not Monday.  I know.  😉  I’m sorry I’m very behind with my New York Monday post.  Life got in the way of my blogging, unfortunately, but here I am.  Better late than never, right?

This week I got to meet fellow blogger Elizabeth of The House in Marrakesh.  By the way, her blog and that of Maryam’s, My Marrakesh, have been mentioned in the March 2008 issue of National Geographic TravelerMarrakech Destination Guide.  Very exciting!  Congratulations, ladies!

So, we went to the Neue Galerie on Fifth Avenue, a museum that showcases early twentieth-century German and Austrian art and design.    At the moment, paintings and drawings by Gustav Klimt are on display.  The museum includes a bookstore, design shop and two Viennese cafés.  Of course, we stopped at the cafe, as we wanted the experience, like the ones we always see on Merisi’s Vienna for Beginners.  I’ll tell you what we ordered in another post.

Continue to have a good week, everyone.  It’s almost Friday!  Yay!





Stairway leading up to the Galerie






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12 Responses to “New York Monday #109: Neue Galerie”

  1. That’s a gorgeous building Paz! You’ve got a great city there :)

  2. what a beautiful building and it looked like a wonderful galerie! hope your week is going well.

  3. I love it when you identify the location of your Monday photos (even on Wednesday!). Will you do that more often? For those of us displaced New Yorkers, it’s always a wonderful guessing game.

  4. Very nice. I like to look at your photos any day of the week.

  5. What a gorgeous building and staircase. I swear seeing all these photos makes me want to go back to NYC so badly….

  6. Such joy you were able to meet Elizabeth and go to this wonderful place. I have heard of this gallery, but as yet have not had a chance to go there–I hope to one one! Lovely photos, Paz! Thanks so much for you note the other day…I’m behind with email ;o) Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  7. Hi, Paz! Beautiful photos, what a nice way to spend the day! And wonderful that you get to meet up with other bloggers. Can’t wait to see what you ordered, mmm. I love the art of Klimt, and Schiele, too.

  8. I’ll have to research that building — how beautiful. Wonder who lived there?

  9. Kathleen UNITED STATES

    “Stately” is just the right word. What a beautiful building. No wonder you enjoyed the visit. 😀

  10. Hi, PAz, I hoep you don’t mind that I tagged you for being interesting at:

  11. Hi Joey: I’m really lucky. I love NY! 😀

    Hi Kat: Thanks! It was a busy week but now I get to enjoy the weekend. 😉

    LOL! Hi Lydia: I’ll try. 😉

    Hi Simona: Thank you!

    Hi Melissa: New York is waiting for you. 😉

    Hi Tracy: When you come, I think you’ll enjoy it. 😛

    Hi Rebecca: Welcome! It always a pleasure to meet a fellow blogger.

    Hi Janice: The architects of the NY Public Library completed the building. Socialite Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt III lived there. Later the building was used by YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. In 1994, Ronald Lauder and Serge Sabarsky purchased the building to use as the museum. You can read more info on the link I provided above for the museum.

    Hey there, Tanna! Paris? Cool. 😉

    Kathleen! Yes! 😉

    Hey again, Rebecca: I’ve posted my meme response above. Thanks for the tag. 😉


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