Weekend Herb Blogging #106: Very Cheap but Very Good Vegetable Soup

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I love the name that Ilva of Lucullian Delights gives this healthy, simple and tasty soup.  Love it.  I made the soup for a sick family member in the hospital and myself.  We loved it.  Oh, yeah:   And my brother had some.  He liked it a lot , too.   When I spilled some of the soup on the floor, one of my dogs licked it clean.  It seems that she liked it as well.  😉   Thanks, Ilva!

One of the ingredients in this soup, fresh parsley, is such a popular herb.  I buy it quite often and would love to be able to grow it on my kitchen window.  That would be awesome!   I  love the fresh green earthy taste of this herb and the fact that it has a lot of health benefits — like it’s rich in vitamin C and A.  I like how it can be used in a lot of dishes.  Apart from being able to eat parsley, my favorite thing to do with it is to use it as a garnish.  That touch of green in my plate makes a big difference to me. 

I’m submitting this post for the Weekend Herb Blogging event, which Kalyn of  Kalyn’s Kitchen created.  This week, Pille of Nami Nami acts as host.  Check out her blog for the roundup of other Weekend Herb Blogging posts.



Very Cheap but Very Good Vegetable Soup

Lucullian Delights


The leaves and stem/trunk of 1 cauliflower
2 big tomatoes
Chopped parsley
Extra virgin olive oil

– Chop the leaves and the stem/trunk of the cauliflower and braise them for 3-4 minutes in a pot in some olive oil. Add salt.
– Chop the tomatoes, add these to the pot and sauté for another 3-4 minutes.
– Add water until the vegetables are well covered and simmer for about 15 minutes.
– Blend until it’s on the smooth side, if it’s too dense you add some more water and heat it up. Check if more salt is needed.
– Serve hot or cold.




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9 Responses to “Weekend Herb Blogging #106: Very Cheap but Very Good Vegetable Soup”

  1. I think you should try growing parsley on your kitchen window. I grew it in my little herb garden and I can tell you it was the most satisfactory thing I did in terms of planting. This sounds like a yummy soup.

  2. Your soup looks so delicious in that top photo! Yum. That Ilva does come up with the simplest, yet yummiest food, doesn’t she? I would love to be able to grow parsley all winter too, which is kind of silly because it’s the one herb here that’s reasonably priced all year round.

    It’s not hard to grow in the garden, but the seeds take forever to sprout, I do know that.

  3. sound delicious and healthy! I have parsley growing on my lanai, at night I wrap it in a plastic bag so that it won’t freeze.

  4. Parsley is my new favorite herb, ever since my parsley crop did so well in the herb garden this summer. I’m still harvesting, and until we get a hard frost, I should be able to pull parsley from the garden. Of course it is so wonderful this way that it’s hard for me to buy it in the supermarket in winter; the parsley never seems to taste as good as my own!

  5. Paz, your pictures are getting nicer and nicer :) Thank you for your WHB entry – parsley (alongside dill) is a frequent herb in my kitchen, too. I’ll be growing loads of them next summer in my garden :)

  6. Hi Simona: I’d love to start a window garden but have no idea how. And yes, this is a very yummy soup.

    Hi Kalyn: Ilva is the best. 😉 So parsley seeds take forever to sprout? Hmmm…

    Hi Kat: What a good idea to wrap your parsley at night.

    Hi Lydia: Oh! I bet your parsley does taste much better than the rest. 😉

    Hi Pille: Thanks for your big compliment. :mrgreen: You’re so lucky to have a garden.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!


  7. It is an excellent name for this soup Paz. Your photo is terrific.
    Wish I could share a bowl with you with this great soup weather.

  8. Hi Tanna: I look forward to sharing a bowl of anything with you one day. 😉


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