New York Monday #87: West African Wedding in NYC

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All types of weddings, with couples from various cultural backgrounds, take place in the city.  Here are a few pics of a West African wedding.  They’re usually a mix of Western and African tradition.  Afterwards at the reception, there’s a lot of merry-making.  A good celebration is had by all.

Have a great week, everyone!


Ed. Note:  A few of you have mentioned the "colorful" clothing and asked about the food served at the reception.  Very briefly, this  particular "colorful" clothing is called Kente cloth.  It was a developed in the 12th century in Ghana and is fabric of interwoven cloth strips.  They come in different colors and patterns.

Food served consisted of salad, jollof rice (which I made here), roasted salmon, spinach stew, fried chicken, penne pasta, shish kabob and different African pastries. Every one ate well and some even took plates of food home. 







Announcement: Novel Food Event

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Have you ever been curious about or tempted to replicate a food you’ve read about in a novel?  I have.  The very first recipe I recreated happened after reading The Food of Love by Anthony Capella.  I enjoyed that book so much and stunned myself when I found out that I could actually prepare the food mentioned in it. 

After discussing the foods mentioned in the Montalbano novels by  Andrea Camilleri (books I’ve been meaning to read), Simona of Briciole and Lisa of Champaign Taste have come up with the idea to  co-host a Novel Food event.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Prepare a dish of your choosing that has a connection to a novel.
  2. Post it on your blog by midnight on September 21, 2007.
  3. Send an e-mail to either Lisa (webrina AT gmail DOT com) or myself (simosite AT mac DOT com) and include your name, blog name and blog address, and a link to your post.

To read more about the event, go here.

Sounds like fun, Simona and Lisa!


Announcement: World Bread Day 2007

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Hi Folks,

Last year, Zorro of Kochtopf hosted the very first World Bread Day event among food bloggers.  She’s doing it again.  This year, it’ll take place on October 16, 2007.  Below is  your invitation to participate.  Come join in the fun!



*  *   *   *   *

Last year’s World Bread Day was such a great and successful event. Thanks to all the participants I could present a huge basket of bread filled with breads from 6 continents!

So I’m very happy to announce the second World Bread Day, which again takes place on October 16th.

The original World Bread Day – an event created by UIB International Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners – wants to provide an opportunity to talk about bread and bakers, to find out about their history, their importance as well as their future.

Let’s bake and talk about bread on this day again! Everybody is cordially invited to participate.

The theme is open, just bake a bread with or without yeast, use sourdough, experiment with different flours, add some seeds… It’s up to you!

You never have baked a bread before? Well, give it try! It’s easy and once you have this smell of your own fresh bread in your kitchen, there is no way back. If you have no time to bake a bread, you can buy one at your favorite bakery and write about the bread and also the bakery.

No idea what kind of bread you should bake? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel bread! 😉 Inspiration you find e.g. here, here and here.

I’m looking forward to see a huge basket filled with breads from all over the world again!

How to participate:
Please read and follow carefully the instructions below. email and link back are mandatory, if one of them is missing your entry will not appear on the roundup. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Bake or buy a bread, take pictures (if possible) and blog about it on Tuesday, 16th October 2006.
  • Please link back to this announcement in your post, and eventually to the roundup.
  • Send an email to worldbreadday(at)gmail(dot)com including

  • – your name
    – your blog’s name and your blog’s URL
    – the recipe name and the post’s URL
    – your location (region and country)

  • Submissions can only be accepted until Wednesday, October 17.

I try to post the roundup (incl. your pics) on the following weekend (October 20/21).

If you have any question or suggestion don’t hesitate to contact me.

*   *    *    *   *

NOTE:  You can reach Zorra with questions or suggestions here:  WorldBreadDay [@] gmail [dot] com


New York Monday #86: Brazil Day 2007

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Brazil Day 2007 came and went on Sunday (September 2).  I’ve mentioned before (Brazil Day 2005 and 2006 part I and II  (if you missed them, go take a look)) that my friends and I like to attend this yearly festival.  We love to taste the different Brazilian foods sold on the street, check out the jewelry, music and other knick knacks that are displayed for sale.  We love to soak up the joyous atmosphere and walk through the sea of Brazilian green and yellow colors.  Every year, the festival becomes more and more crowded.  This year was no different, but I think people still have a good time.

Have a great week, everyone!








Pastel de Queijo (Deep Fried Pastry with Cheese)




 Farofim de Couve (farofa, collard greens, scallions, hard-boiled eggs)


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