Daring Bakers Challenge #10: Cinnamon and Sticky Buns

September 30, 2007 | Filed Under Baking, Buns 


10 a.m. Sunday morning  (Paz waiting for her Cinnamon Buns dough to ferment.)

Paz, Paz, Paz.  *shaking head*  You silly girl, you.   What made you think you could be a Daring Baker? Yes, you.  You’ve seen some of the goodies they’ve baked in the past, here, here and here.  Nervous at the invitation to join the you group, you remember that you’re on a cooking "adventure."  So you decided to go for it and accept the invitation and challenge.  After all, daring equals adventurous.  Adventurous equals daring, right? 

This month, Marce of Pip in the City chose the baking theme.  So now, you’re tackling your first Daring Bakers Challenge — making Cinnamon Buns.  Never mind that it takes one day to make and requires fermentation, shaping, and proofing.  Proofing?  What does it mean to proof buns? You have no idea.  Oh, my goodness.  What have you gotten yourself into?

Actually, you had a good start preparing the dough — until you almost forgot to add the milk.  Okay, okay… You forgot to add the milk, only remembering it at the last minute.  Is that why your dough is tacky and sticky (the way it is NOT supposed to be) as opposed to silky and supple (the correct way)?

The instructions say to "lightly oil a large bowl and transfer the dough to the bowl…"  What exactly does that mean?  What kind of oil?  Or do you use butter (which is what you ended up doing).

Now you wait for the dough to ferment.  And while you wait, you ponder your baking adventure.  <sigh>



Just checked the dough and it seems to be rising.  That’s a good sign, isn’t it?  After the buns are formed the instructions say to "proof" the buns. "Proof at room temperature for 75 to 90 minues…"  What the heck does that mean?  Leave the buns out on the tray to double in size?  Huh?  What?



Congratulations!  You’re able to form the buns.  That was acually cool to do — rolling out the dough, then sprinkling the cinnamon sugar over the dough, then cutting the dough into cinnamon-sugar spirals.  So cool!  Now you have to "proof" the buns. 



You are not sure if the buns are doubling in size (is that proofing?) but you wait.

Later in the p.m. 

You bake the buns.  They come out nice and golden brown.  They smell so good.  While you wait for them to cool, you make the fondant glaze.  Unfortunately, you discover that you don’t have enough powdered sugar, the important part of the glaze recipe.  You make the glaze with what you have.  It’s light but you drizzle it over the buns. 

Tastes pretty good.

You did it, Paz!  You silly girl, you!  You survived your first Daring Bakers challenge and you did good (even if your glaze didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to or you almost forgot to add the milk).  You did good. 


*Ed. Note:  Thanks, Mischief Mari for explaining what "Proofing the buns" means.  Now, I can go to my grave happy.  Really!



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41 Responses to “Daring Bakers Challenge #10: Cinnamon and Sticky Buns”

  1. I dont think you can make those pictures any more desirable. WOW! YUM! And I loved your post as well. Too funny!

  2. Ahhh Paz! I was hoping you’d be able to join in on the fun this month! =)

    I loved this post and I agree with Laurie.. I’m having a tough time holding myself back from climbin through the monitor to snag one of those buns! Beautiful!


  3. I think they are beautiful! Perfect little spirals!

  4. Glad you were able to join the fun! Your rolls turned out gorgeous! You can do it!

  5. Your buns are sooo good, and your post is interesting to read! What can I say but GREAT JOB!

  6. Oh Paz! You did a wonderful job on this. Welcome to the DB and I am so happy to have you as part of the team. Hugs always!

  7. Oh yes! You did a great good job! You are a true Daring Baker Paz! Beautiful buns!

  8. Hi Laurie: Welcome and thanks! 😛

    Hi Lisa: Welcome and thank you! I’m glad I finally made it. 😀

    HI Deborah: Welcome and thanks! You’re so kind. 😛

    Hi Tartelette: Welcome and thank you. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi Anh: Thank you, thank you!

    Hi Meeta: Thank you! I’m happy to be a part of the wonderful and challenging DB. 😀

    Hi Ilva: Thanks! Thanks so much!

    A big hug to you all!


  9. Simona sono, from Italy.
    Those buns look great. And, trust me, the second time is easier than the first one.
    Happy Monday.

  10. Paz, I feel weird calling food gorgeous looking but those look gorgeous. So you did two things really well: the buns and photographing them! Yum! BTW, proofing means making sure the yeast is active, setting the dough to rise, and letting the shaped buns rise before baking.
    And please send me any leftovers. 😉

  11. You did better than good…you did GREAT! And I really love your lightly glazed cinnamon rolls…in fact, the next time I make them, I’m going with a lighter glaze! :-)

  12. Great job on the buns this month! You’ll be baking with yeast all the time before you know it!

  13. I would say you did more than survive! Great job on your first challenge. Sounds like you will be learning a lot, and that’s why I’m here too.

  14. Silly girl! You did just fine and you’ve got the pics to proof 😉 it. Think of it, it”s a lot easier than walking in these high heeled shoes in New York…

  15. Yayyy! Brava, Paz! I’m so glad that you took part and I think you’re buns are GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see what you do next month!

  16. Good for you! Even if I was a baker (which I AM NOT) I wouldn’t dare to be a daring baker, so way to go!

  17. Hi Simona! Are you in Italy? Yes, I have to make this again. 😀

    Hi Mari: Thank you, thank you for explaining what “proofing the buns” mean. Now, I can go to my grave happy. And thanks for the compliments. 😛

    Hi Belinda: Welcome and thank you for your kind compliments! Actually the lighter glaze wasn’t bad at all.

    Hey there, Breadchick: Welcome and thank you. I look forward to getting more experience baking with yeast.

    Hi Jenny: Welcome and thanks! Yes, I’ll be learning a lot from my DB experience, I think. 😀

    LOL! Hi Baking Soda and welcome! You are soooo right. My DB experience was much easier than walking in heels. 😯

    Hi Ivonne: Yay! I made it! Yeah, let’s see what happens next. :mrgreen:

    LOL! Kalyn: Thanks! And by the way, you’re a Daring Baker in my book. A daring weekend herb blogger and more,in my book. 😉

    Thanks, all, for stopping by with your kind words.


  18. Well done, Paz!!! And I made my buns on Sunday morning as well – starting at around 10am, just like you:)

  19. Hi Kat: Thank you, thank you! I’m happy with them. 😉

    Hi Pille: I’m going to check out your buns right now. 😛


  20. Hooray Paz! Your buns look great! :) Glad that we are both Daring Bakers now…Yay!

  21. Paz-you’re buns are beautiful!
    Well done!:smile:

  22. whoooa! Those buns are calling out to me and they are saying :eat me…!” I’m sure that it’s all been devoured by now. Fantastic work there – I hope you had fun. :-)

  23. Hey there Joey: I see that I’m in good company. 😉

    Hi Gabi: Welcome and thank you for your kind words.

    Hi Nora: LOL! You’re right. The cinnamon buns are long gone. Yes, I did have fun making them. 😀


  24. Anne SINGAPORE

    Lovely post and beautiful pics! You are indeed a Daring Baker:)

  25. Paz, I’m so late! I’m with Baking Soda much better buns than those hi heels(I gave those up for comfort).
    Oh, how many times have a shaken at my knees and asked myself, why did I say yes. And the with each challenge found I’d somehow managed and felt much more confident.
    I didn’t have enough powdered sugar to make that entire thing either. I like the stickies so much better anyway.
    I’m so happy you joined us Paz – it is great company and better with you in it.

  26. Do you want to make these cinnamon buns for my bake sale???

  27. Looking at the picture, I never would have known you were nervous. Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

  28. 😆 This was too fun to read. Way to go on your first DB’s challenge.

  29. HI Anne: Welcome! I’m glad to be part of the Daring Bakers. 😀

    HI Tanna: I’m so happy to be with great company.

    Hi MTM: Are you kidding?

    Hi Aoife: Welcome and thanks for your kind words.

    Hi Peabody: Welcome and thank you, thank you, thank you. 😀

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

  30. Oh Paz, this is not fair! This cinnamon rolls are simply perfect! Where can I buy it???

  31. Oh Akemi: Thanks for you kind words. Now I have a BIG head. ha ha ha! 😀

    beijos y abracos,

  32. Well done, Paz!! And good call to use butter instead of oil – that’s what I’d do too…. Did you use butter instead of shortening too? (I hope so!!)

    (Actually, I wouldn’t have bothered buttering the rising bowl at all – I never do. And I would have omitted the glaze entirely, on the assumption that glazing cinnamon buns is like gilding the lily)


    P.S. Here is our cinnamon bun recipe

  33. Hi Elizabeth: Good to see you here. Yes, I used butter instead of the shortening, too. So, why do I have to butter the rising bowl. I like the idea of omitting the glaze all together. The buns were sweet enough. 😛 I liked your cinnamon buns. Thanks for sharing your recipe. 😛


  34. I don’t know why people say to butter the rising bowl, Paz. Convention, perhaps? When I first started baking bread, I saw the instruction and I was pretty sure my mom had never buttered the bowl but I obediently did so.

    And then one time I forgot and (surprise surprise) nothing bad happened! The risen dough just slipped right out of the bowl when it was time to shape the bread. So now I never oil or butter the rising (proofing) bowl.

    But I’ve noticed from reading any of Peter Reinhart’s books that he really likes to use spray oil. Very surprising to see that he suggests spraying the board before rolling out the dough! (Those are two of the big differences between his cinnamon buns and my University’s cinnamon buns.)


  35. Hi again, Elizabeth: It’s good to know that nothing earthshattering will happen if we don’t butter the rising bowl. 😀 Oh, and that reminds me. I did NOT spray my board before rolling the dough. Luckily my buns and I survived. :mrgreen: I look forward to trying both buns recipes again. Yay!


  36. Congratulations on your first challenge! The buns look great! I remember having questions like yours when I first started working like yeast. Heck, I have questions like those now! =D

  37. LOL! Hi Julie and welcome. Thanks for your compliment. It’s official. I have a swell head now. I’m glad my questions weren’t too silly. 😀


  38. Daring?




    A raging cinnamon bun success?

    Check. Check. Check.

    Gorgeous buns Paz! Congratulations and welcome to the insanity.

  39. Hi Dolores: Welcome! And thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀


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