Sugar High Fridays #35: The Beautiful Fig

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Sugar High Fridays is an event that celebrates all things sweet in our lives. 


Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess created this event.  Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice is hosting it this week.  She chose the glorious fig as the theme.

A recipe, Dates with Mascarpone and Walnuts, that I saw on Ivonne’s blog  inspired me. When I found out that I could follow the same recipe and substitute figs for the dates, I was excited.  I’ve never tasted a fig before and in the two years that this Sugar High Fridays event has been going on, I’ve never had a chance to participate in it.  Until now.  Yay!

I love this recipe because it is sooooooo simple with its three ingredients of figs, mascarpone and walnuts.  I picked up my ingredients from the store and came home to put them together lickety split.  So easy, so fast and such a glorious treat.

Thanks, Ivonne, for the motivation to try figs and participate in Sugar High Fridays. 

Below you’ll find the recipe upon which the Figs with Mascarpone and Walnuts is based.





Datteri Freschi Farciti di Mascarpone (Fresh Dates Stuffed with Mascarpone)

In my case it is Fresh Figs with Mascarpone and  Walnuts

from Marcella says… by Marcella Hazan.

12 fresh dates, pitted or unpitted figs

3 tablespoons mascarpone

  1. Split open each date fig  lengthwise on just one side, leaving the other hinged. If the dates have pits, use the tip of a paring knife to pry them out.
  2. Stuff each date fig with a tiny scoop of mascarpone, about the size of a grape, then partially close the date over the cheese. Stuff the remaining dates figs in the same manner. Place the stuffed dates figs on a rimmed serving plate and refrigerate until you are ready to serve them.

Note:  As an added treat, place a walnut half in each date after you’ve filled them with mascarpone.



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16 Responses to “Sugar High Fridays #35: The Beautiful Fig”

  1. what a beautiful, yet simple treat!

  2. Beautiful figs, and I love the simplicity of this dish. Well done, Paz!

  3. Paz!

    I’m so happy to see that you tried the figs. They look beautiful and it’s proof that sometimes simple is best.

    Thanks so much for taking part in SHF #35!

  4. Never had a fig before? Well, I’ve a feeling after you tasted these little gems that they will be back in your kitchen again. Marcella has some of the best recipes out there. You’ve adapted this one beautifully.

  5. Lovely fingerfood, Paz! Unfortunately I haven’t seen any decent figs here, so I must skip this round of SHF ;(

  6. Hi Kat: Thanks!

    Hi Lydia: Thank you, thank you!

    HI Ivonne: Thanks!

    Hi Susan: Welcome. Yeah, can you imagine. Never. Until now. I’m glad I’ve rectified that. More figs for me. 😉

    Hi Pille: I’m sorry you couldn’t find any decent figs. It would have been interesting to see what you came up with. Next time. Right?

    Have a great week, everyone! Thanks for stopping by.


  7. What beauties, and how simple!

  8. The only problem I see with this is: how do you stop eating? Happy Monday.

  9. Hi Sra: Yes, they are beauties and very simple. 😛

    LOL! Simona: You are right. How do you stop eating? Hehehe!

    Happy Monday to one and all. Have a great week.


  10. Yummmm!! They are beautiful!! There is nothing like fresh figs, I adore them!!

  11. This is beautiful, I can see why you’d be excited. Simple, fast and super good to eat! And I have walnuts but I’ll have to wait til tomorrow for the other two ingredients!

  12. Great entry Paz! It looks sublime in its simplicity! :)

  13. […] Fresh Figs with Mascarpone and Walnuts from Paz of The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz. My sweet Paz came to SHF with a familiar treat that she improved by miles. […]

  14. Thanks for visiting my site paz. I love your SHF entry. It’s great to discover new blogs

  15. I never had figs until I moved to Astoria. The Middle Eastern grocery stores sell them so I bought some a couple of times. They are odd but delicious.

  16. Hi Ana: I’ve discovered I like figs. 😉

    Hi Tanna: Did you get to make it?

    Hi Joey: Thanks!

    HI African Vanielje: It was fun visiting your blog.

    Hi MTM: Yes, odd but delicious. :smile:

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