Sydney’s Apron

July 14, 2007 | Filed Under Show Us Your Apron 


Isn’t it cool when anyone of any age can enjoy the use of an apron?  Here’s Sydney, my friend’s granddaughter wearing her favorite apron to bake Christmas cookies.  So adorable!  Here’s what her grandmother, Kathleen has to say:

"Isn’t that a funny thing about aprons? I’m “fond” of mine, too! I have a Christmas apron with teddy bears on it that I ritually put on when I start to make Christmas cookies. It must be at least thirty years old, and I can’t imagine starting the cookies without it. The other is a heavy-duty one in pink and cream vertical stripes that was my late brother-in-law’s barbeque apron. Apparently, he loved his apron, too, and my sister gave it to me after he passed away. When I first started showing my little granddaugter how to make cut-out cookies (it was Christmastime) I thought for sure she would want the teddy bear apron. But, no, she wanted the pink stripes one and now that’s “her” apron when we make cookies. Mike was a big man so it covers her completely from under her arms to her toes, and the apron strings have to be wrapped around her body twice, but she loves that apron!"

Thanks for sharing these pics with us, Kathleen.  

Show us your aprons, folks!  I’d love to see ‘em.




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8 Responses to “Sydney’s Apron”

  1. So cute! I’m sorry to have to report that although I have a few aprons I’ve received as gifts, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a single one of them.

  2. Adorable! Guess who I’m hiring as an assistant for the holidays?

  3. What a perfect apron model! Thanks Paz and Kathryn for this entry!

  4. I love that apron. I’d want to wear it too.

  5. Hi Kalyn: LOL! I hope you find the one apron you like some day soon.

    Hi Mari: LOL! I think you’d have the perfect assistant. :wink:

    Hi Ilva: Thanks for putting the event together.

    Hi Barbara: I will gladly share with you.

    Ciao all,

  6. That would have been my pick also! She is a beautiful model.

  7. Aww too cute! I also loved your fish apron. :)

  8. Hi Tanna: She is a beautiful model, indeed.

    Hi Amy: Welcome! Yeah, too cute. :razz: Glad you like my apron!


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