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Ilva of Lucillian Delights is hosting an event called Show Us Your Apron.  This is my contribution. 

Very satisfied with my first apron designed and made by  fellow blogger Mischief Mari, I returned to her store (Mischief Mari Superstuff) for a second apron.   Oh, I love my newest apron! 

Like my first apron, this one is reversible.  It’s also fun.  I like to have fun in the kitchen.  No time to be serious.   ;-)  For me, the aprons are part of my kitchen and cooking tools .  I get excited when I get something new to use in the kitchen (You should have seen me when I first got my zester).

When I saw the fish design, the apron called out to me.  I love that when I turn it around, I find fun-looking flowers — a whole other apron.  I won’t get tired of this apron soon.

You, too, can take part in the event.  Go here for the guidelines.  Come on, show us your apron!

Paz (taking a moment to do her happy dance in her new apron)


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12 Responses to “Show Us Your Apron!”

  1. Now that’s an adorable apron!

  2. Hi Lydia! It is adorable, isn’t it. ;-) Are you going to show us your apron?


  3. cute apron and reversible too…bonus!

  4. Very cute aprons, Paz. And what is cuter is how excited you are about them! I have restaurant aprons – a whole collection of them. Guess I’ll have to start taking photos…

  5. Oh oh, I think we are witnessing a case of serious apron abuse here! You are getting hooked on her aprons…but I do understand you, they are lovely and those fish…dance on Paz! And thanks a lot!

  6. Paz! Thanks for showing it! Now get in the kitchen and make a mess of it! :razz:

  7. Kathleen UNITED STATES

    Hi, Paz!

    Isn’t that a funny thing about aprons? I’m “fond” of mine, too! I have a Christmas apron with teddy bears on it that I ritually put on when I start to make Christmas cookies. It must be at least thirty years old, and I can’t imagine starting the cookies without it. The other is a heavy-duty one in pink and cream vertical stripes that was my late brother-in-law’s barbeque apron. Apparently, he loved his apron, too, and my sister gave it to me after he passed away. When I first started showing my little granddaugter how to make cut-out cookies (it was Christmastime) I thought for sure she would want the teddy bear apron. But, no, she wanted the pink stripes one and now that’s “her” apron when we make cookies. Mike was a big man so it covers her completely from under her arms to her toes, and the apron strings have to be wrapped around her body twice, but she loves that apron!

  8. Great choice: flowers and fish, land and sea, the whole world on your apron. There is no getting tired of it. How about from now on telling us what apron you are wearing when you make each recipe?

  9. Hi Kat: I love the bonus! :grin:

    Hi Christine: YES! Start taking pics of yours! I wanna see ‘em. :razz:

    Hi Ilva: Yes, I’m hooked on Mischief Mari aprons and her other products.

    Hi Mari: I’m making a mess! I’m making a mess! LOL! :lol:

    Hi Kathleen: I love the story of the little one’s apron. As you see, I’ve blogged about it. :smile:

    Hi Simona: LOL! I love the idea of telling you which apron I use for which recipe. I’ll do it! ;-) :grin:

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


  10. A reversible apron! How cool is that?!


  11. Great apron! I’d do a happy dance with you too!

  12. Hi Elizabeth! I liked your apron alot!

    Hi Tanna: I’m happy to have a partner in dance. :razz:


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