New York Monday #73: Here’s Looking at You, Kid

May 27, 2007 | Filed Under New York Monday 


Many of the city streets are named after different people — some celebrities and others non celebrities.  I was surprised to come across this street named after legendary actor Humphrey Bogart.  Are there any fans of Bogart and his movies like Casablanca, Sabrina, The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen, The Caine Mutiny, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (and more) in the house?

There are many famous lines from the movie Casablanca, including the line spoken by Rick (Bogart), "Here’s looking at you, kid," to Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman).  It’s one of my favorite lines, as well as "Play it again, Sam."  😉

In the U.S.A., this Monday is Memorial Day.  This observance, which dates back to the American Civil War, commemorates the memory of military men and women who died in service for their country.  It also commemorates the current men and women in  uniform.  My thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone.

Have a great week, folks, wherever you are!



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15 Responses to “New York Monday #73: Here’s Looking at You, Kid”

  1. I only saw Casablanca for the first time last week (ops, I know), but I had known those lines for a long time already :)
    Have a good week, Paz!

  2. Fun photo! I love discovering little things like this in New York.

  3. I like the photo!
    I have to admit I never understood people’s passion for HB: I found him depressing, and the sigarette always hanging from his lips totally offputting. Hence, I could never see Casablanca or any of his other famous movies.

  4. A shame that Bogart never said the line “Play it again Sam” – it’s not in the movie, never was. It’s actually from a Marx Brothers movie parody called “A Night in Casablanca”. His line was actually, “You played it for her and you can play it for me. If she can stand it, I can! Play it!” On the other hand, perhaps he makes up for it – the other line, “Here’s looking at you kid” occurs four times in the movie… just my bit for the world of trivia.

  5. Very cool! But the next time I’m in Nueva York, I fully expect to see Paz Cooks Blvd.!
    By the way, about Bogie: I read somewhere what he thought of Lauren Bacall taking time off from her career to care for him while he was ill. He said something like, “That’s the difference between her and the other broads out there.” Very Bogart. He was one of a kind. Like you!!! 😀

  6. I hope I have not offended anybody with my negative review of Bogie. I know he was a great actor, just not a favorite of mine. I also read somewhere what Dan reports. What I forgot to write this morning is that my (Italian) father has his own very personal way of pronouncing names of foreign actors and the way he pronounces Humphrey Bogart is really funny. Hence, every time I see that name I have to laugh. Thanks Paz for the nice photo!

  7. Paz, luv ye new look !:) So, whatcha do over Memorial W/end ? What’s cooking/drinking at your kitchen table ?:))

  8. I’ll admit to being a fan, especially in my melancholy teenage years. By the way, your site redesign looks fantastic. Cilantro!

  9. Hi Pille: LOL! I only recently saw Casablanca about a year or two ago. There’s a station here called American Movie Classics (AMC) that shows old movies. It’s fun to watch that channel.

    Hi Lydia: I enjoy discovering stuff like that in the city, too.

    Hi Simona: LOL! Today, I wouldn’t want to watch anyone with a cigarette hanging from their lips but somehow, I suppose I make an exception to movies from Bogie’s time.

    Hi Dan: I love this kind of trivia. LOL! How very interesting! :mrgreen:

    Hi Mari: LOL! Thanks for making me laugh! 😆

    Hi again Simona: Your honest comments and opinions are welcome here. We all don’t always have to like the same things. That is okay. Oh, how I’d love to hear your dad’s pronounciation. 😉

    Hey there, Melting Wok! Thanks! Didn’t do much over the weekend, except that I made some more treats for my dogs. We ran out of the treats. I gotta stop by your site to see what you’ve been cooking. I’ll do it soon. Unfortunately, my schedule now doesn’t allow me to do much blog reading, as before. *sigh* :sad:

    Hi Beth! You’re back! Yay! I think there’s something about those movies and characters, especially in black and white. 😉 Thanks for your comments on the redesign. Glad you like it. Cilantro power!

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


  10. Yikes! I have never seen Casablanca! I know, I know, shameful…but I will :) Happy Memorial Day Paz!

  11. My favorites of Bogie’s are Casablanca, Sabrina and African Queen. I never found him particularly sexy, but I liked his movies. Now, Gary Cooper was sexy…
    I hope you had a great long weekend.

  12. HI Joey: That’s okay. I never saw it till recently.

    Hi Anna Maria: Oh! Those are my favorites, too. And I like Gary Cooper, too! 😉


  13. Kathleen UNITED STATES

    I love Bogart. Casablanca, African Queen, Maltese Falcon, Petrified Forest, etc.. Threre was one, older I think, that he played in opposite George Raft who I also liked. For all of the tough guy roles Bogart played, he was actually from a fairly well to do family. His mother was a noted artist in the early 1900’s.

    My favorie line in Casblanca is the one about “Of all the gin joints in all the world….”

  14. I love these street signs/names! Wonderful. Casablanca is one of my most favorite movies ever, too. “We’ll always have Paris.”

  15. Hi Kathleen: Love that line! Yes, I read somewhere about his parents. They were New Yorkers, too. Interesting background he has.

    Hi Lisa: Welcome! I love that line, too. So many fun line from this movie.

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