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Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums has started a SUNDAY BRUNCH MEME & EVENT in which she invites us to share what on our Sunday breakfast or brunch table. 

My brunch could be much healthier but it always hits the spot for me.  On the weekends, when I have a chance, I like to order from a little coffee shop near my place that delivers the food to me.  I order pancakes, sausage and eggs.  And I like to finish it off with a can of Coke.  Oops!  I forgot to include the can of soda in the picture.  I was hungry and thirsty and didn’t think about it.  I took the photo in haste, so that I could eat.  Hehehe! 

Sometimes when I go out for brunch, I’ll order something different like fruits and french toast but my favorite is pancakes.  It’s something I don’t eat all the time, so it’s my treat.  Once I ordered a ‘healthier’ type of pancakes made of wholewheat, I believe.  It just didn’t taste right. 

So, what do you usually like to have for your Sunday breakfast, brunch or on holiday?  Come on, tell me about it.  I want to know.  You can read the guidelines to participate on Rosa’s Yummy Yums.  The deadline is June 30.




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11 Responses to “Sunday Brunch Meme & Event”

  1. Thanks for participating, Paz:grin:!

    I love such brunches, but I rarely prepare this kind of breakfast/meal. It is something that I always ate in England when we needed to fill our stomachs before our day out in the countryside. In Switzerland, we are more accustomed to eating bread, cheese, jam, yoghurts, fruits, granola/Müesli and drinking coffee. But why not change from time to time?…


  2. Only since I met my husband, I started to appreciate combining savory and sweet food. The first of this combo I learnt was pancakes and sausage 😀 Just good isn’t it!

  3. That looks pretty tasty. A weekend brunch should do that….

  4. Hi Rosa: I like what you eat in Switzerland. Nice and healthy. I will have all of that except the coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker. 😉

    Hi Gattina: Yes, pancake and sausage. Yum! Sometimes, pancake and bacon. Yum, too.

    Hi Tanna: Yes, I agree: The weekend brunch should, indeed, be tasty.

    Best to all,

  5. Italians are not famous for breakfasts, though a frothy cappuccino in the morning is a great way to start the day. When I was in college, studying English, I spent a month with a family in a London suburb. The father was American and the mother Irish. That month I learned about 2 things I had no idea existed: peanut butter and pancakes. To this day, peanut butter looks exotic, while I have embraced pancakes and often make then for my husband’s breakfast.

  6. Hi Simona: I enjoyed reading about your introduction to peanut butter and pancakes. 😀

    Now that you mention it, I remember when in Italy years ago, we never ate any breakfast. My classmates would stop for cappuccino, though. I’m not much of a cappuccino or coffee drinker. Back then I could skip breakfast. Today, I need to eat all my meals — Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😀


  7. I went through a phase a couple years ago when I couldn’t get enough pancakes.

    After seeing your photo, I have a craving for pancakes again.

  8. Hey there, Ming the Merciless: I know what you mean about the pancakes. Gotta have them. 😉 I hope by now, you’ve been able to have some pancakes. 😉


  9. Kathleen UNITED STATES

    While I try to eat healthy foods during the week, on Sundays I treat myself to bacon and fried eggs with an English muffin dripping in butter. Or, occasionally, I like to hit a Greek diner for scrambled eggs, home fries, sausage, and toast. Sometimes it’ll be pancakes with butter and maple syrup, or French toast; anything I don’t have the time for during the week. :)

  10. Kathleen UNITED STATES

    Oh, and apple pancakes if I remember to pick up an apple to slice into the batter. Gingerbread boy pancakes are another treat ‘though I’ve never been able to turn them over without the head or an arm falling off, lol.

  11. Hey there, Ming the Merciless: I hope that by now, you were able to have some pancakes 😉

    Hi Kathleen: I’d love to eat at this diner that you mention. Yummm! Apple pancakes? I’ve never had it before. I’d love to have a taste.

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