New York Monday #72: Older Buildings

May 20, 2007 | Filed Under New York Monday 


They don’t build buildings like they used to anymore.  Today, the newer buildings in the city don’t have any of these types of decorations. 

Happy Monday, everyone!  Have a great week!

New York Greetings,





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9 Responses to “New York Monday #72: Older Buildings”

  1. I agree! I love the details on the buildings.

    My apartment has beautiful details on the walls too (moldings) but I have seen other apartments that had their details torn out. How sad.

  2. Kathleen UNITED STATES

    I love ornate architecture, too. It’s one of the joys of the City. :smile:

  3. Thank heavens we still have some of this beautiful architecture to view. Have you seen some of the wonderful buildings in upstate, Paz? Thanks, as always, for your Monday photos.:razz:

  4. Oops! I selected the wrong face. I meant to post the smiley one but got the tongue sticking out instead. Sorry!

  5. A nice old building! It’s a pity those houses are not built anymore…

  6. Hi Ming the Merciless: That’s so sad they are intentionally removing the moldings.

    Hi Kathleen: There are so many joys in the city.

    Hi Christine: No, I haven’t seen the buildings upstate. I’d love to. LOL! I’ll take any smiley you post. 😀

    Hi Rosa: Yes, it is a pity.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.


  7. Nancy SPAIN

    I just felt like stopping by and seeing what’s cooking. One thing I love about you Paz is that you get excited about the “small things” like your salt. Old buildings. I think I am very lucky to have so many beautiful ones right out my front door and all over my neighborhood. They don’t build them that way anymore. When you come, you will see for yourself. Muchos besos and it was nice to see your blog is still here.

  8. Dear Nancy! How nice to see you here. Yeah, I’m lovin’ my herb salt. 😀 And I’m looking forward to seeing your wonderful-sounding neighborhood.

    Mil besos,

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