New York Monday # 36 – Waiting at the Post Office

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Last week I had to go to the post office to mail my post cards for the Bloggers Postcards from Around the World (BPW) event. The line for service stretched out the door. There are about seven or eight windows but only three were open with postal clerks, who attended the needs of the customers.

In order to save time, I tried to buy stamps from the stamp machine, but some kind of malfunction prevented it from accepting my money. So I had to get back on the long line. Lucky for me, I had my CD player (no I don’t have an iPod. Yet.) to distract me and help block out the noise of the man grumbling behind me about the bad postal service and how everyone was dumb.

Listening to my music, I was also able to block out an argument going on between the same man and a woman about who got on the line first.

You can see that I had my camera, too. My favorite photo is of the older lady in the third photo. She had about 20 white, large invitation-sized envelopes in her hand. Before depositing them into the mailbox slot, she inspected each envelope very slowly. Her careful actions made me wonder what type of news she mailed out. Obviously, something very important to her.

I finally made it to the front of the line, bought my stamps, and mailed off my cards. Yay!

Have a great week, everyone!


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Marinated Feta – Weekend Herb Blogging #45 (Sage)

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Garden Sage (salvia officinalis)

It’s Weekend Herb Blogging time and I’d like to spotlight the herb Sage. Its name comes from the Latin word, which means health or healing powers. As far back as the Dark Ages, sage has been used for two purposes – culinary and medicinal.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used sage to do things like promote long life, cure sterility, snakebites, and depression. You can find a few modern medicinal recipes here. Sage is the best herb choice for killing bacteria.

This week, I made a jar of Marinated Feta from a recipe I saw on Haalo’s blog, Cook Anything (Almost) Once.

The ingredients contained a mixture of herbs. To achieve an Asian flavor in her marinated feta, Haalo chose to use coriander, chives, lime leaf, and parsley.

I opted for the Mediterranean taste by using fresh sage, basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme. It tasted very nice. Good feta and olive oil are the key here. I love feta cheese and this was a nice and different way to prepare it. Next, I’ll try Haalo’s Asian flavored version.

Domestic Cat also has a different recipe for Marinated Feta, which I plan on trying in the near future.

Thanks Haalo and Tülin for such enticing recipes!

By the way, recently, Sravanthi wrote a nice article for The Hindu Business Line called ‘Hot off the… blog!’ It’s about the world of food blogging. Our fellow food blog friends Sailu of Sailu’s Indian Food & Andhra Recipes, Napur of One Hot Stove, Sury and Cesar of (Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t, Vineela of Vineela’s Cuisine, Mae of Rice and Noodles, and Indira of Mahanadi are mentioned. So am I. You can read the article here.


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Marinated Feta
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Haalo’s recipe:

Marinated Fetta
1 slice of your favourite fetta cheese
assorted soft herbs
freshly ground pepper
2 garlic cloves, very finely sliced
fresh chilli, to taste, very finely sliced
good olive oil

First thing is the pat your slice of fetta cheese dry on a paper towel. Next dice into a smallish cube (maximum 1cm width) and place in a bowl.

Prepare the herbs – I like to maintain a theme with my herbs. This version will have Asian flavours so I’m using, coriander, chives, lime leaf, parsley. If I wanted a more Mediterranean feel, I’d use basil, sage, rosemary, oregano and thyme. Feel free to experiment with your favourites.

Add the sliced garlic and chillies and finely chopped herbs to the cheese. Carefully toss through. Generously grind over the top with fresh pepper, then toss again.

Pour enough olive oil (use a good oil – why sacrifice the dish and use a horrible tasting oil) until it covers the cheese. Seal the bowl with plastic wrap and place in fridge to allow the flavours to develop. You can if you like, place the herb and cheese mix into a sterilised jar, cover with oil and seal for a more longer life product.

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*One can blog about herbs, plants, vegetables, or flowers for Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB). To see the list of other interesting WHB posts, go to Kalyn’s Kitchen, Sunday afternoon.
Interested in participating? Check out the guidelines.

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Blogger Postcards from Around the World (BPW) part II

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Postcard sent from New Brunswick, Canada by Gillian from Humble Pie
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I recently participated in the BPW event organized by Meeta and happily sent off my post card to my assigned buddy. The next step: Wait to receive my card. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting with excitement for Christmas Day to arrive, so that I could tear open my gifts. I waited and waited and waited. Okay, maybe I didn’t wait that long, but if felt like I’d waited an eternity. I hadn’t received my card.

Disappointment took over and I didn’t think I would get a card. Perhaps my post card buddy forgot about me. Perhaps the card got lost. I felt like the child who found out that Santa Claus had skipped her home. Sniff! I gave up on receiving a card and stopped checking the mailbox.

A few days later, my sister picked up the mail.  “You have a postcard," she told me.

"Postcard?"  I asked with a little suspicion. I didn’t quite believe her.

She handed it to me, and I recognized the card as one that I’d seen one of the food blogs. My heart started beating faster with excitement. My card had arrived! It was a collage of different sights of New Brunswick, Canada. Beautiful! I’d heard of New Brunswick, New Jersey (U.S.A.) but not Canada. Interesting!

Gillian from Humble Pie, who turns out to be my postcard buddy, wrote a delightful note. She has such a nice, neat handwriting (I began to feel guilty for the chicken scratch I wrote on the back of the card I sent out.).

Thanks, Gillian! I’ve put New Brunswick on my list of places I’d love to visit. Meeta, thanks again for putting this postcard event together. This was lots of fun — just like Christmas time!

If you’re interested in participating in the BPW event, another is tentatively planned for September October. Check out What’s for Lunch, Honey? for future updates.


New York Monday #35: Trying to Keep Cool

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During the scorching days of summer in the city, one tries different things to keep cool. Some stop for ice cream. Others may be tempted to stop by this open fire hydrant and splash some water on their face…

Have a great week and if it’s hot in your neck of the woods, try to keep cool.


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Reminder: Blog Day 2006 is coming soon!

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BlogDay 2006 will take place August 31. To read more about this event and how to participate, go here.


*Ed. Note: A few have asked the definition of “new blogs.” Basically, it means blogs you’ve recently discovered or blogs, which are new to you.

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