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I haven’t baked in a long while but was inspired to make this gingerbread after reading Lauren Hairston’s post on the book Ross Poldark by Winston Graham and a gingerbread recipe.  She’d participated in the food blogging event,  Novel Food #22!  I’d never made gingerbread before and found that it was easy to make.   My gingerbread and a cup of tea — perfect on an autumn day.  You can find the gingerbread recipe and Lauren’s book review HERE.  Thanks, Lauren, I look forward to checking out the book, soon!





New York Monday: Herbs

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At the Farmers’ Market.


The Wedding Feast

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On Sunday, I had the best wedding meal, ever!  It was a wedding meal for one – me. 


I suppose I should start from the beginning, shouldn’t I? 


So.  My friend Spicy Veggie Girl and I are reading The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.  As many know, this 1844 literary classic is the story of a smart, handsome, young sailor named Edmond Dantès.  He’s about to start a promising career and marry the love of his life, until some envious men set him up and he’s falsely imprisoned.  Years later, Dantès escapes, becomes wealthy, and looks to get his revenge on the people who arranged his imprisonment.



Just before Dantès is arrested, he’s enjoying his wedding feast celebration:  

Then they began to pass around the dusky, piquant, Arlesian sausages, and lobsters in their dazzling red cuirasses, prawns of large size and brilliant color, the echinus with its prickly outside and dainty morsel within, the clovis, esteemed by the epicures of the South as more than rivalling the exquisite flavor of the oyster,—all the delicacies, in fact, that are cast up by the wash of waters on the sandy beach, and styled by the grateful fishermen “fruits of the sea.”

“A pretty silence truly!” said the old father of the bride–groom, as he carried to his lips a glass of wine of the hue and brightness of the topaz, and which had just been placed before Mercedes herself. “Now, would anybody think that this room contained a happy, merry party, who desire nothing better than to laugh and dance the hours away?”

~ The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas


This passage inspired me to make a seafood meal, worthy of a wedding feast – fish soup made from salmon, prawns, clams and octopus.  Normally, I always strictly follow a recipe since I’m still learning to cook.   But for some reason, I decided to wing it and prepare my soup as the spirit moved me.   Wow!  I’m not sure what came over me.  I basically combined the various ways I’d prepared different soups in the past.   I chose what I liked.


I started my soup with some olive oil in a pan and added onions, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, tomato paste and seasoning (Goya Sazón).  After a while, I added some clam juice.  Then I then added the fish head and chunks.  I added the prawns, clams, and octopus.  And then I added a generous amount of water to cover the fish.  After the seafood cooked for a while, I seasoned the soup with a little salt and pepper.  At this point, the soup tasted okay but I felt it still needed something more. I added some coconut milk.  My last addition to the soup was – fresh spinach.   Not long afterwards, my soup was ready.  



Mmm… Mmm… Mmm!    Oh my!  My fish soup was delicious!    Definitely worthy to be listed on a wedding feast menu!  I think the coconut milk was the secret magic touch to the soup!   It brought all the flavors in the soup together very nicely.  This fish soup was perfect for a cool autumn day celebration.  As I devoured it, my taste buds danced in my mouth.  


I think Dantès and his bride-to-be would have enjoyed this meal.  Heck, newlyweds George Clooney and Amal Alamudin, too.  


The Count of Monte Cristo is very long and I’m still reading.   I like adventure stories and this one moves along very easily.  The characters are all intriguing.  I also enjoy historical novels and the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo explains Napoléon’s return to power and the political and social situation of that time.  It’s an interesting lesson in history.   Last but not least, I’m enjoying this story because it includes universal themes that one can still relate to, today – envy, betrayal, vengeance, loyalty, justice, hope, forgiveness, and mercy.  Oh!  It includes the theme of love, too!  Captivating read.


I’m still on hiatus but have come out, briefly, to participate in Novel Food #22, which is hosted by Simona of Briciole.  Novel Food is a food blogging event that combines literary works with culinary creations.     I’ll return later in the week to provide a link to her roundup list of those who participated in this Novel Food event.  Thanks for hosting this event, Simona! Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!


~ Paz

Ed. Note:  You can find a round up list of participants in Novel Food #22 HERE.   Check it out!




Strawberries and Tomatoes

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Hi everyone!  I’ve been missing in action here for quite some time.   I’m still on hiatus, but you can find me on my other blog, Paz’s New York Minute.  I hope to start blogging here, in the near future.   Until then, see you at the other blog.



Cucumber, Melon, Lemon and Lime-Infused Water

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I recently made my own citrus-infused water, for the very first time.  I made orange and lemon-infused water.  It was very refreshing and perfect to drink during the horrid heatwave we’ve been having.  So, now I’m on an infused-water-making-roll!   WooHoo!  I made it again and this time, I decided to use cucumbers, melons, lemons and lime.   I filled half of the pitcher (and mason jars) with the ingredients and added cold water.  Then, I let it sit and infuse, in the fridge for at least 2- 4 hours.   I’m hooked on infused water.  It’s simply fun to make and a joy to drink.  I did not use any type of sweetner.  It’s not needed.   However, I suppose you can use it, if you want.   I look forward to making more fruit, herb, and vegetable-infused drinks for the rest of the summer.   I think next, I’ll try watermelon and cilantro!   If you have any suggestions, please tell me.

On another note, I’ll be taking a short break from blogging here.  So, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.  Keep having a good summer, everyone.  If your neck of the woods is as hot as it’s been in New York City, make some infused water of your choice.  It will certainly help you keep cool in the heat.




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